More Info About iSpazio Repository and Packages

Welcome to We have the largest Italian site, that we know, but we carry international apps, nothing is left without been released to the public. We get a lot of downloads daily and we take care to host your apps on our repository: ! We also have a lot of developers that currently are working with us. Here’s some: Fabio Caseri (Millionaire), Michele Ventimiglia (GuitarChords), Marco Giorgini, iPaguri (CalcPaper), (iCube), Stephan Bayer (FileBrowser) , the DavTeam, Ori Goshen (Fring), NicoTeam, Jhon Conn, and more.
If you are a developer and if you want your apps on our repo, send me an email:

This is a List of Packages that you can download through our installer repository:




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